Engaging local communities

Palabora continues to develop its positive relationship with the Ba-Phalaborwa communities of Makhushane, Maseke Mashishimale, Selwane and Majeje - both formally and informally - to address the developmental needs of these communities. Through the Palabora Foundation, we have set up a Community Development Forum represented by these five (5) tribal authorities, which facilitates the discussion and resolution of stakeholder issues affecting the community.

Our Community Relations Policy

Our Community Relations Policy has been promulgated by the Palabora Board of Directors and continues to have Board oversight.

Our goal is to build enduring relationships with the Ba-Phalaborwa communities. These relationships are characterised by mutual respect, active partnership and long-term commitment.

Our commitment:
We will:
  • Ensure that all our employees have a common understanding of the policy;
  • Work with our contractors and suppliers to ensure adherence to this policy;
  • Maintain and develop the Palabora Foundation to assist local communities to become self reliant;
  • Establish and maintain a mutually acceptable process of consultation and engagement, which promotes consensus in the community towards a common vision and actions aimed at continuous improvement;
  • Conduct regular 'baseline community assessments' to ensure up-to-date information is available on social issues and economic development needs;
  • Facilitate the development of Ba-Phalaborwa communities and labour to promote self sufficiency and independence;
  • Work with the Leolo Community Trust to achieve its objectives;
  • Develop and implement a cultural heritage management system.

Our responsibility
  • Develop the necessary skills in our employees to deal effectively with community relations;
  • Integrate the policy implementation into our long-term objectives and company plans;
  • Benchmark our practice through information exchange within the Group using local and international best practices;
  • Establish and maintain the 'communities' complaints, dispute and grievance procedure

Our systems:
  • Implement an appropriate structure to manage community relations and development;
  • Perform multi-year planning for community relations and initiatives;
  • Develop and maintain a cultural and socio-economic database of the Ba-Phalaborwa community;
  • Perform a Social Risk Analysis; Social Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment;
  • Establish quantifiable and appropriate reporting mechanisms;
  • Establish a Monitoring and Evaluation system to enable an empirical impact evaluation over a predetermined period for community projects.

Promoting enterprise development

As part of our ambitious transformation programme, Palabora contributes meaningfully towards Enterprise Development (ED) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) to help develop the community of Ba-Phalaborwa.

Our ED funded 30TEN+5 programme is designed to assist 45 local entrepreneurs with training and operational and/or financial support to build their existing enterprises. All 45 beneficiaries of the programme were carefully selected by Palabora through a series of interventions with the local communities, and they represent businesses that were already in existence across different sectors of the local economy.

Among the beneficiaries are 30 micro enterprises from the Makhushane, Mashishimale, Selwane, Maseke and Majeje communities; 10 enterprises identified through the Palabora Foundation and 5 independent funding requests forming part of Palabora's discretionary fund.

Beneficiaries receive development assistance in the form of entrepreneurial training, funding support, administrative support or the promotion of joint ventures and partnerships which will result in substantive skills transfer.

Below are the categories and list of selected projects:

Type Sector Companies
Flagship Projects Manufacturing
  • Tourism Sagos Multi Suppliers
  • Farming Bravo Max
  • Chilli-Boy Farm
  • Coleson Business Enterprise
  • Noyongo Developers
  • Matipane Depot
  • Waterbok Shade House Project
  • Mangena Tomato Farming
  • Fish and Chips Franchise
  • Masakeng Cattle Farming Cooperative
  • Etekeng Poultry
  • Mponeng Poultry
  • MJ and Sons Chicken Farm
Special Projects Construction
  • Pfukani Africa Brick Project Cooperative
  • Badirammogo Fresh Bakery Cooperative
  • Mohlabeng Fresh Bakery
  • Pamometry Sewing Cooperative
  • Ntirisano Cooperative Butchery
  • Sasavona Guest House
  • Majeje Bakeries
  • Ryna Hlubarai Roof Tile Project
  • Ngulube Lodge and Resorts (hospitality?)
  • Bornwise Khoza Clothing
General projects All purpose projects which are customer-service driven
  • Lerato Hair Salon
  • Middle Right Car Wash
  • Nkukeng Tuckshop
  • Matimu Chisa-Nyama
  • Nickbobs Trading
  • Hlulani Game Shop
  • Basani Car Wash
  • Rock-ship Trading Enterprise
  • Seyapie Dikolobe Project
  • Bohlakodi Trading Enterprise
  • Kgalane cc Trading
  • Masasa Business Enterprise
  • Dinakane Homestead
  • Sewela General Dealer
  • Robert Mangena Welding
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