Palabora strives to be an "employer of choice". This means attracting, optimising and holding top talent for long tenure because employees choose to build their careers with us.

From the time Palabora commenced operations in the mid-60s, the company has been at the forefront of employment practices in the local mining industry. Our employees are our most valued assets. Our conditions of employment are competitive in the industry.

Human resources vision statement

Palabora HR seeks to be an active partner in the facilitation and creation of a self-motivated, inclusive and progressive Palabora workforce. Together, we create an environment where employees can be focused on business objectives whilst achieving personal goals and building fulfilling careers.

Main HR performance areas

The following are Palabora's main HR objectives and performance areas to support the business:

  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Remunerate and reward
  • Encourage learning and development
  • Ensure active employee engagement
  • Promote organisational development
  • Ensure sound diversity management

Attract and retain top talent
We employ individuals who have demonstrated talent, self-motivation, high-level performance and commitment in their chosen fields. Whilst we aim to attract professionals from the Manufacturing and Mining sectors, we appreciate the value of cross-industry and cross-functional experience and evaluate the overall competencies of potential employees in an open and progressive light.

We continuously benchmark alternative HR strategies as part of our drive to retain and develop new talent. High- performing employees who show exceptional potential are further encouraged and supported through our mentoring and coaching programmes; accelerated learning schemes; and leadership development programmes.

Our "Employee Value Proposition" is to offer a safe working environment, competitive conditions of employment, progressive talent management programmes (including succession planning), training and development, challenging and interesting work, exciting career advancement opportunities, and transparent performance management.

Remunerate and reward
Our salary packaging and remuneration benefits include retirement contribution, medical aid, disability and personal accident cover. We continually benchmark our remuneration and reward offering with those of other companies and conduct market salary surveys in our sector to ensure our salaries are competitive. This extends to the development of best-practice conditions of employment and leadership advancement initiatives.

Encourage learning and development
We actively encourage and facilitate a learning oriented culture at Palabora - particularly in terms of core sector skills and functional competencies. Accordingly, we provide technical and behavioural skills training programmes. Technical training addresses the technical skills of employees in relation to their functional areas, while behavioural training focuses on self mastery and leadership development. This is in addition to mandatory training on specific policies and regulatory responsibilities, all of which ensure that our colleagues can continually build or refresh their skills and experience.

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Ensure active employee engagement
We recognise that successful employment relationships are built on mutual benefit and trust. We are ever aware of the misunderstandings that can arise from poor communication and unclear directives. At Palabora, clear communication and a transparent procedural framework is not simply about communicating and achieving organisational goals - it saves lives and prevents serious injuries.

Accordingly, we maintain two-way communication through regular Employee Opinion Surveys, which are used to understand our colleagues' views and prioritise management actions. This dialogue allows the views of our people to be taken into account as we shape organisational change programmes or policies.

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Promote organisational development
Organisational growth does not simply mean that the company has to grapple with the same problems on a larger scale, but rather that it has to understand, adjust to, and manage many new challenges and opportunities as the business changes and grows. Organisational growth requires planning, effort and work; and maintaining effective methods of communications with and between employees and departments become increasingly important as the firm grows.

At Palabora our HR management practices-from hiring to training, to succession planning and diversity management - are geared towards establishing, maintaining and improving standard practices as a key element of managing and sustaining growth.

Ensure sound diversity management
At Palabora, we are committed to respecting and valuing colleagues, customers and clients of all backgrounds, abilities and disabilities. We integrate our equality and diversity rationale across our employee and contractor network, our supplier-base, the various communities we impact through our operations in the Ba-Phalaborwa region and our business practices.

Our business exists in a competitive and changing market, which means that all our employees must make significant contributions to our business success and add value in every way possible. But everyone is different, and it is both our duty and our privilege to harness individual employees' unique talents and contributions.
Phalaborwa, Limpopo , South Africa
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