Health And Environmental Stewardship

Palabora strives to conduct its operations in strict compliance with South African legislation and industry benchmark standards - particularly in terms of Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) impacts.

We encourage the highest levels of knowledge and personal accountability in our people, facilitated through targeted training programmes for employees and contractors; whom we hold accountable for performance - particularly with regards to Safety, Health and Environmental impacts in their specific areas of responsibility.

Operational benchmarks and performance indicators for SHE management are included in our risk framework, and systems have been implemented to identify, assess, monitor and control performance standards. A process of continuous monitoring and review enables us to adjust targets, always aspiring to higher levels of performance and compliance.

We communicate our SHE policy directives to employees, contractors and visitors to ensure that they understand their own obligations in respect of this policy. We further maintain open communications with all stakeholders - including employees, community stakeholders, government and non-governmental organisations - regarding SHE issues, and where applicable, contribute to the development of sound legislation.

Palabora strives to practice responsible environmental stewardship throughout its operations, not only by proactively managing natural systems on site, but also through the responsible consumption of natural resources. This includes the reasonable prevention of pollution where activities are performed; and the restoration of the environment to acceptable levels of land use and sustainable biodiversity when disturbance cannot be avoided

The company maintains a plan for eventual closure of Palabora's mining operation, including the management of social and environmental impacts. The plan contains estimates of closure costs and financial provision, and promotes continuous consultation and co-operation with local communities and other stakeholders.